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Outlook for the current year

In 2010 the work will be focused on developing the Retrofits line (Feelpure Filtering Systems), on expanding the product range, and on commercial expansion with the structuring of adequate pre- and post-sales services – distinguishing factors with respect to the competitors working in the industry.

The production of Silicon Carbide Filters has been concentrated since the end of June at the Bumbesti Jiu works, and in 2010 volumes produced are expected to double compared with 2009.

At the end of 2010 the start of production of Silicon Carbide Filters is planned in China, destined for the emerging local and Asian market.

The growing interest of the media in the problem of atmospheric pollution in the last few months of 2009, which continued in the early months of the current year, combined with the greater operational implementation of the existing legislation on the limitation of traffic pollution, and the expansion of public financing for the purchase of filtering systems, are a good basis for aiming for double-figure growth in revenues, achievement of the break-even point at the operating level (EBIT) and positive cash generation.

It is also worth noting the change in the level of minimum community excise duty on the Gecam which makes its use more costly.