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14. Relations with shareholders

In line with its tradition of transparency and fairness, the Company actively promotes relations with Shareholders, institutional and private Investors and with financial Analysts, with other market operators and with the financial community in general within the proper limits of their respective roles, and periodically organizes meetings with representatives from the Italian and international financial communities.

The Investor Relations division was founded in March 1999 to promote continuous dialogue with the financial markets; Valeria Leone was appointed to run this division in October 2008.

To enable open, immediate and transparent dialogue with all those needing information of a financial nature about Pirelli, there is a dedicated Investors section on the Company website (www.pirelli.com), where information for an initial evaluation of Pirelli is available: from the identifying characteristics of the Company to economic-financial data, from the drivers of the various businesses in which the Pirelli Group is engaged to the opinions of financial analysts, from all the documentation made available to meetings with the financial community to accounting and legal information.

To facilitate contact with the Company, Investor Relations has an e-mail address (investorrelations@pirelli.com) through which all queries received are normally answered within 24 hours, while the Investors-Contacts section shows the contact details for each member of the IR team, for specific requests from analysts and investors, both individual and institutional.

To facilitate understanding of the strategy and evolution of the business and results produced, the top management of Pirelli &C and Investor Relations use other tools of financial communications, such as roadshows, conference calls, one to one meetings and industry conferences for Group businesses. The Company also has a culture based on the combination of profitability and business sustainability, and takes part in many world indicators assessing the social responsibility of business, and has been acknowledged a leader in this field.